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Giving you a choice in how you recover from surgery or illness

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Our pockets are placed and sized to securely hold up to three 100ml drainage bulbs and still have room for personal items.

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Water resistant fabrications make clean up easy and quick. Our bags are machine washable too!

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Our removable and adjustable straps allow our bags to be worn over the shoulder, across the chest or around the waist. Straps extend from 27 - 52 inches, making the bags "one size fits most".

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The removable security clip limits unwanted movement of the bag, and gives peace of mind to users.

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Our unique combinations of colors and patterns have a non-medical look, and allow users to feel less like a "patient" during their recovery. Go about your "normal" routine with drainage bulbs safely stored in a Kova bag.

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Safely and discreetly carry drainage bulbs & other medical devices in a Kova Bag.

The Kova Bag was created for individuals recovering from surgery, or fighting chronic illness. They have an attractive, "non-medical" appearance and provide individuals a comfortable and practical alternative in how they manage medical devices during recovery. Our bags' patent pending design allows users to store up to three 100ml post-surgical drainage bulbs (such as the commonly used JP drain, or other similar closed suction drains). The same features that make the Kova Bag ideal for drainage management also make them an excellent choice for carrying other medical devices.

Our non-medical appearance can help people feel normalized while undergoing treatment and recovering from surgery.

Carrying post surgical drains is simple and comfortable with our patent pending design.

  • With medical devices concealed, you can comfortably and confidently engage in medically approved activities during your recovery.

  • We hope the Kova bag will allow you to feel more like yourself, and less like a patient during your medical journey.

  • Kova bags provide you with a choice in how you manage drains after surgery.

  • With the Kova bag, drainage bulbs are kept out of sight, reducing unwanted attention.

Kova Bag Features

Stylish. Functional. Discreet.

Kova Bag
  • Removable Security Clip.

    To limit unwanted movement, a security clip is attached to the back of the bag. This feature allows users to easily clip the bag to one’s shirt, keeping it securely by the body.

  • Removable and Adjustable Strap.

    The Kova bag’s strap length extends from 27 - 52 inches allowing for the bag to be worn comfortably in three different positions (across the chest, over the shoulder or around the waist). Variable strap length ensures our bag is “one size fits most”.

  • Fitted Mesh Pockets.

    The interior pockets are sized to hold up to three 100ml post surgical bulbs. Their size keeps bulbs standing upright, and allows for easy removal when measuring fluid output. Our mesh pockets do not stick to rubberized material, so bulbs can be removed when necessary without difficulty.

  • Water proof & machine washable materials.

    Clean up is quick and easy with the nylon and polyester materials used in our bags. Spot cleaning is simple. If larger spills or leakage occur, remove the strap and toss the bag in the washing machine!

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