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Our thoughtfully designed bags provide a practical alternative to standard drain management recovery options.

Drains are used after a wide variety of surgeries and may be used after: removal of lymph nodes, mastectomies, reconstructive breast surgery, tummy tucks, and others.

  • Our bags can be worn three different ways - across the body, over the shoulder or around the waist
  • Our bags' removable and adjustable strap extends from 27-52 inches - making this "one size fits most"
  • Our bags allow users to carry essentials such as anti-nausea drops, lip balm, etc. that help with the side effects of chemotherapy & other medications
  • With drainage bulbs and tubes hidden, our bags may not attract the unwanted attention that exposed medical devices can cause
  • Our bags are water resistant and machine washable
  • Our bags have three interior pockets sized to securely hold 100ml bulbs
  • Our bags' unique "safety clip" limits unwanted bag movement & worries of tubing or stitches being pulled
  •  Our bags can be worn with your regular clothing. No special undergarments required, and no need for tops or robes with bulging pockets
  • Our bags come in a selection of colors and coordinated patterns
  • Our bag can be used by both women and men, children through adulthood
  • Our bags can be used as an everyday accessory long after drains are removed

                                                                                               Patent Pending Design