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1)  What features make this bag unique?                                                                               

  • The removable security clip limits the bag's movement and keeps it near your body. The clip can be removed after the drains are removed.
  • The removable and adjustable strap (27-52 inches) allows the bags to be worn in three different ways, depending on comfort, incision site, and activity. Adjustable strap makes the bag "one size fits most".
  • The mesh pockets are sized to hold 100ml drainage bulbs snugly and keep them upright.  
  • Pocket placement limits bulging of the bag when three bulbs are stored in it.
  • The polyester and nylon materials of the bag are water resistant and machine washable, so clean up is easy if there is any spillage.
  • Interior fabrics are carefully selected and do not "stick" to rubber bulbs which can make repeated removal of the bulbs difficult.
  • The bag is sized to securely hold a few personal items as well as drainage bulbs.

2) Should I tell my healthcare provider about the bag I'll be using?

Yes - we always recommend informing your medical team about the Kova bag. If possible, bring it to show them prior to surgery.

3) When should I start using my kova bag?

If possible, bring your bag with you to the hospital and secure your drainage bulbs in the bag upon discharge.  

4) Why can't the bag be returned?

We cannot accept returns because the bag could come in contact with bodily fluids. If there is a defect with the bag, we will certainly exchange it with no shipping charges.  Please contact us if you aren't happy with your bag & we will do everything we can to be sure you are satisfied.

5) Can I use my bag for other purposes?

Of course! After drains are removed, simply toss it in the washing machine, tumble dry -  and feel free to use it as an everyday accessory!

6) Is the bag large enough to hold additional items? 

Yes. The bag can hold anti-nausea drops, lip balm, glasses, tissue, etc.  -- several essential items in addition to the bulbs.

7) Where are the Kova bags made?

Our bags are manufactured in Chicago, IL - right here in the USA!

Have more questions? Send us an email:  angie@kovabags.com   We'll get back to you as soon as possible!